Some background information on Sri Lanka

The country’s scenic beauty and bio-diversity are ranked among the best in the world. Sri Lanka also has eight world heritage sites as classified by UNESCO – an indication of the country’s rich cultural heritage. The quality of life is the highest in the south Asian region. A cosmopolitan living environment, abundant recreational facilities, a culture dating back 5000 years, unparalleled natural beauty and an equable climate throughout the year make Sri Lanka a pleasant place in which to be.

Sri Lanka is placing emphasis on developing its human resources. According to data published by the World Bank, Sri Lanka has the highest life expectancy (71 years), highest literacy rate (92 per cent) and the lowest infant and child mortality rates among the designated low-income countries. Sri Lanka also has the lowest rate of population growth in the developing world (1.3 per cent). We also have the lowest urbanisation rate within this group. English is both widely understood and spoken, particularly in urban areas.

Business: Sri Lanka has for centuries been on the maritime silk route and is now situated at the crossroads of major shipping routes to South Asia and the Far East and has become a major trans-shipment hub for the Sub Continent. Sri Lanka is now poised to exploit its position not only for shipping but also as a regional hub for communications. We are connected by the SAE-ME-WE fibre-optic communication system and 11 communication satellites are over the Indian Ocean just south of Sri Lanka. On top of this, Sri Lanka is fast becoming a hub for IT and finance-based services.

Moreover, Sri Lanka is a logical location for manufacturing and service organisations that wish to establish a presence in what is fast becoming an economic powerhouse in the region. The island is ideally located as the gateway to the vast Indian subcontinent, home to a quarter of the world’s population. Mountain Lodge is in an ideal location for an exclusive venue able to host high-level meetings and corporate or private functions.

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