Project Overview

Mountain Lodge is being carefully created so as to be aesthetically pleasing with a uniquely flowing shape, ingeniously maximising the use of space while bringing about exceptional building functionality as well as ease of construction.

Located at over 1,100 meters above sea level, guests will be able to relax in the fresh mountain air and watch as the sun rises over the morning mist in the valleys below. We endeavour to focus on Ayurvedic health and wellbeing. This will be reflected in our menus of traditional and wellness cuisine along with fruit juices where the fruits can be picked fresh from our beautiful gardens. Whatever form of transport is chosen to arrive here, be it via train, road, or sky-taxi; guests can be assured of the scenic beauty becoming even more magnificent the closer they get to Ella. An intimate atmosphere will await our guests as they receive a personalised but relaxed butler service.

This will not be the typical 5-star international standard luxury hotel, nor is it a typical boutique villa. Mountain Lodge is a relatively new concept of ‘Mega-Mansion’ aimed at attracting high-net-worth guests who are looking for an authentic Sri Lankan experience rather than the stereotypical international type of luxury. Mountain Lodge is being slowly and carefully conceived so as to exceed the expectations of the new generation of guests. Many guests already spend too much of their time staying in high-end hotels while on business and are longing for a more homely and friendly experience. Mountain Lodge will be like staying at a residence, rather than a hotel, a home from home, ‘staying with friends’.

The 61-suite lodge is aerodynamically designed with few internal corners, helping to minimise external wind and internal noise echo. The building will have a high degree of strength and stability by design/shape as well as specification. Being constructed from high-density concrete, the solid walls will provide for a large degree of thermal mass, acting as an internal temperature regulator as well as soundproofing. The palatial bedrooms with a full wall of French doors opening onto the private balconies will give the maximum advantage of our stunning 360-degree view while also maintaining individual privacy. Each room has a wide, open-plan view, however, because of the unique design, no one balcony is able to have a view into another, an important aspect regarding privacy. The common areas will have an intimate village feel and with the internal landscaping, vertical gardens and the five-story water feature with natural light, there will be an ‘outside feel’. We are aiming to support and encourage local artists by enabling them to showcase their art within the gallery of the spectacular 5 storey central atrium.

From day one, Mountain Lodge has been designed to a high specification covering a broad- spectrum of security issues with generous provision for the allocation and implementation of personal security staff, thus making it an ideal venue for top-level meetings and conferences. We will be able to offer a high level of security and anonymity for celebrity weddings and other elite celebrations.

The design of the porch of each suite will give a sense of entering into your own private home. We will also have a large and well-equipped business centre with private offices, an important feature for many guests as more people are now working while in travel or on holiday. This will be an eco-friendly establishment with a low carbon footprint. During the construction phase, we are planning for most of the aggregates to be derived via processing the basements and foundation excavations, this reduces the carbon mileage and is also a massive cost saving. We are planning to utilise solar for electricity generation and hot water, as well as a biogas unit along with an innovative water treatment plant able to provide recycled water for garden irrigation.

The lodge and grounds have been designed in such a way as to sympathetically embrace and take advantage of the already existing natural ecology. Strolling through or resting within the extensive grounds, guests will be able to enjoy a distinctive ambience incorporating nature’s grandeur, beauty and generous provision. Guests will be able to observe the incredible views from the rooftop garden with spectacular 360-degree views of the tea highlands, the Namanucula Mountain Range, Mini Adams Peak, Ella Rock, Lipton’s seat and Rawana waterfalls. This will be the most perfect and peaceful retreat and an opportunity to be grasped by those who are seeking a unique Sri Lankan experience in a truly outstanding setting.

Guests will be able to indulge in the spectacular natural looking infinity pool and unwind in the sumptuous splendour of their Health & Wellbeing Sanctuary. The aim of our Ayurvedic Spa and individualised treatment plans is to encourage guests to stay for extended periods. It is imperative that we incorporate the health and wellbeing Ayurvedic Spa into our business model as this not only enhances our guest experience but also adds to the general economic benefit with wellness tourism, usually generating a much higher spend per head.

Due to already owning the land and with much of the service infrastructure, landscaping, feasibility, and planning work having already been undertaken, the remaining project cost is now estimated at around $16 million USD. For such an impressive establishment of 61 suites, each with potential revenue of $300 USD + per night, Mountain Lodge is now becoming an attractive opportunity for foreign direct investment. This will not only further develop Sri Lanka’s tourism infrastructure and economic growth but will also help in providing financial sustainability for our ongoing local community projects. With our unique design and operating methodology, we aim to have a much lower running cost as compared with other hotels. This is not only eco-friendly but will also help to generate a healthier return on investment.

We have successfully worked our way through all of the complex planning and environmental consent processes and we have now obtained all of the approvals. We are ready to start. For an overview of the site or for an overview of the 3D model, please use the play buttons below; please keep watching until the end to see the roof garden and infinity pool.

Please let me know of any questions or thoughts you may have, looking forward to hearing from you.

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