Mountain Lodge

“Mountain Lodge is a unique tourism and socio-economic development project located in one of the most beautiful areas of Sri Lanka.”

Why do we matter?

Mountain Lodge will be providing, presently the largest amount of foreign direct investment for the development of tourism infrastructure to the UVA Province. More importantly, we will be helping to attract high-end tourists, bringing in much-needed foreign currency, and we will be providing many good jobs, along with significant socio-economic benefits to our local community.


Relaxed State of Mind

Located at over 1,100 meters above sea level, guests will be able to relax in the fresh mountain air and watch as the sun rises over the morning mist in the valleys below.

Unique Experience

Mountain Lodge is a relatively new concept of ‘Mega-Mansion’ aimed at attracting high-net-worth guests who are looking for an authentic Sri Lankan experience rather than the stereotypical international type of luxury.

360 View with Privacy

Guests will be able to observe the incredible views from the rooftop garden with spectacular 360-degree views of the tea highlands, the Namanucula Mountain Range, Mini Adams Peak, Ella Rock, Lipton’s seat and Rawana waterfalls. This will be the most perfect and peaceful retreat and an opportunity to be grasped by those who are seeking a unique Sri Lankan experience in a truly outstanding setting.

Our Vision

Roy and Catarina Dixon are working hard towards Mountain Lodge becoming a pioneer in developing, implementing and then sharing eco-friendly solutions that will in turn, help towards putting Ella and indeed, Sri Lanka on the map regarding a more environmentally sustainable tourism industry. These green technologies and the fact that we are planning to undertake more community development works are some of the main factors in attracting foreign investment to our project here in Ella.

We look forward to continuing our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) work of supporting local community projects. We have already put computers into several schools around the district, levelled two playing fields, dug a water well and installed a water supply to another nearby school, we painted an orphanage and supplied new mattresses to an orphanage in Bandarawela, refurbished a local sports club and built two volleyball pitches in our nearby communities of Goussa and Newburgh.

Project Overview

Mountain Lodge will no doubt become a truly iconic landmark and help in positioning Ella as a destination for high-end guests. This will be enduring architecture at its best, incorporating a sense of palatial opulence.

We have successfully worked our way through the complex planning and environmental consent process and have already obtained all of the approvals.

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